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Welcome to my Website!

Christopher passed away from complications from his MS. His spine and brain have been sent to the Rocky Mountain MS Center in Colorado to help further research with this cripling disease. He had a kind, giving heart and always offered knowledge in the various interests he shared with everyone.  In his memory, I have not changed anything on his website or blog.  ~his loving wife, Kat.

New Blog Software Installed!

DIE OBAMACARE DIE!!! It can literally KILL! See how this 'gift' some MORONS call it, affects someone who is seriously and terminally ill!

You want to complain about money, or life or this or that... Think for a second. Someone has it worse. I have Autism now diagnosed to go along with my very agressive Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis which keeps me in a wheelchair and too weak to actually HOLD my own boys. Plus those two infant twin boys to deal with and I'm the only bread winner at the moment. Think you got it worst then that? Think about it... People compain too much. Suck it up and move on.

How did my Multiple Sclerosis come about? This is honestly the most common question I've been asked. So I'm going to leave this link here at the top of my news board for a while so people can easily find that post

Family members be sure, to check out my youtube playlist for kid movies!

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