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How to figure out how much current lights will use.

This isn't just for lights but for all electronics (accept amplifiers).

What you need:
  1. You need to know the power and voltage of the item. Use 11.5V for a worst case scenerio in a vehicle.
What to do:
  1. Input the power here (If it's a pair of 150W lights, insert 300W)
    Total Power:W   Voltage:V  
Here are the forumulas for figuring out the pieces of ohms law:
P = Watts       I = Amperes
P = E * I I = E / R
I2 * R P / E
E2 / R √(P / R)
E = Volts       R = Ohms
E = I * R R = E / I
P / I E2 / P
√(P * R) P / I2

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