Finally, they are at least going to TRY to fix something...

So, to summarize, over the last year I've gone downhill like a locomotive off a cliff. Nearly vegetative. New MRIs show nothing with MS. But they do show more extreme pressures on the spine.
Which leaves me with two options.

1) Spinal Fusion
I can do the traditional course of getting my spine fused together over 3 vertebra. This would be removing the two worst disks and fusing the spine together.
Upsides: Downsides:
2) Laminectomy
This means exactly what it seems... Remove the Lamina. These are the bony protrusions on the back of the spinal chord. They protect the spine from the rear, etc.
Upsides: Downsides:

The hope is that I get this surgery, one or the other, and it releases pressure on my spine and I can move again, perhaps even walk. But we know it will have SOME effect.

I use a neck device that inflates to raise my head up. I sleep with it. Sometimes I wake up and I can feel my hands fine and move, etc. for a few minutes...

And both neurologists and neurosurgeons said that MS and compression on the spine severely magnify each other. So while the compression might not be extreme, nor the MS, one can make the other seem so.

The surgeon had my idea though, let's just fix one thing and see where it goes. Worst case, I have pain from surgery and nothing is any better for it. Best case, I'm able to run and play again.

Which surgery do you think I'm in favor of in this case?