I used it years ago but quit due to various reasons. I went back for a free week to see what was changed, if anything. Unfortunately it seems not much is the answer.

I tested this on the phone app, on Windows systems running Firefox and IE and on Linux (Ubuntu) systems running FireFox.
It didn't take long for the problems to start. So here we go.

Videos simply refuse to start

Yup, you go to play, it goes through the intro, through the first startup add for the item, then black screen. And sits there. A few times I let it run and some 10 minutes later it suddenly took off. But most of the time I could let it sit forever and it never fired. I let it run overnight that way once, woke up to the exact same blackness in the window. One of the reasons I left in 2013.

Press ESC to exit Fullscreen Mode

Seriously... This is also still here. It doesn't go away. Reload the page and sometimes you get it to disapear. However accidentally click during an add and have it go away and return to fullscreen again, odds are this is stuck on your screen now.

Video Hangs

Occasionally, on both Windows and Linux, fully upgraded to all the latest flash players, etc. The video simply freezes. There are artifacts on the top ~ 1/5th of the screen and the rest locks. Audio keeps going. You have to reload the page to get it to continue updating video again. Another FLASH problem.

Studdering playback on AMD graphics

A FLASH issue again, however NOT an issue on other sites. To fix this, simply turn off 'Enable Smooth Video Playback' in the CCC. My Nvidia systems do not have this problem, nore do my Linux boxes. However the Linux boxes suffer from vSync issues and tearing.

Audio Stereo Only

Seriously?!? I asked them about this and their reply: "It is too difficult and complicated to do more then two channels of audio over the internet. At this time, there are both technical and contractual issues to consider before we can surround sound options.". Sorry but BULL SHIT. All of the other services do this, with full security lockdown, without any issues what-so-ever. But right now everything you watch in Hulu is either Mono or Stereo audio and that's the end of it. They have no desire and see a need to address this right now although they did say that they "understand the demand". Does that make any sense to anyone?!? Nope...

Then we get to content issues

I love OLD shows, however, the old ones they do have they have a few select episodes, a few seasons, etc. Not everything from start to end. So it's a bit disapointing still. Wanna watch Knight Rider? You can see Season 1 only. Major Dad, OK that's all there but it's also free on http://www.nbc.com/classic-tv/. Can watch all of the first season of Knight Rider there also for that matter. This issue is duplicated all over. You can watch more or as much on the various channels classic sites.

However! Things like CBS, Wanna watch MacGyver? Too bad. They list it but you have to also pay to get the CBS All Access. They show they have it but they don't. It is linked to the outside site from their site.

So what am I paying for again? One advantage perhaps, watching a CURRENT (only) show's CURRENT (only) season and you're too far behind to catch up on their site (often limited to 5 at a time only). Ohh, and do so with Stereo only, no surround which can be quite an issue depending on the program. But then again, other shows like Arrow, you get only 5, no more. And you suffer with stereo audio. Go to CWTV.com and watch them better anyhow.

Long ago I saw a product with Hulu, right now I just don't see it anymore. Movies perhaps, but same Stereo issue and for movies, no thanks. Netflix is fine for that and not limited to Stereo. Ohh, and they have the HTML5 player working with full security lockdown just fine. No longer using FLASH... So does Youtube... FYI...