I got a new wheelchair. Same one actually just size tweaked. It's an inch thinner seat and 4" thinner overall. It's also an inch taller which now I regret cause I have a taller seat pad also so I have to get a thinner seat pad.

I also got the smart drive power wheel assist module. Mixed on it. It vibrates a bit and the outdoor mode keeps getting me hurt. Needs another way to stop other then the button and/or an easier to hit button. I slam down on it and it doesn't register. It has 'wrecked' me a few times already including one header off a high curb which really hurt.

I think, at least for people like me, a better button might be a stick. Push it in any direction for a button 'hit' so all I have to do is slap the stick. And it would only have to be say 1/2" or 1" tall, nothing huge. But something I can feel.