It's time for a new chair. I can get one every 3 years, it's been 4. But I can also get a power assist module. This keeps it powered without a huge and heavy 'power' chair. Called the SmartDrive by Maxx Mobility, I've already confirmed it works even with my weight. They say the way it works also would give me a few days of power on a charge. Not super fast but more like a wheelchair cruise control. Push off and it keeps going. All for 14 or so more lbs of weight. I'd say that's worth it, especially on would-be longer trips.
Aside from that, I might end up back on OXYCODONE again. I still have a few left over pills and I've had to use them more and more as the pain is a bit severe. Not nearly as much as I 'used to'. But still. My high-pain tolerance does have a limit.