Been quiet a bit, mostly because I've been a vegetable. I was supposed to have an MRI the 26th of Dec but I was sick. Still haven't redone it yet.

I've been sooooo weak lately, can't pickup the boys, etc. Today is actually the first day in a long time I can be a man again. I walked up and picked up one of my boys and held him for a good few minutes before being totally exhausted and relieved by my wife, Kat.
Boys are doing well, Constantine is walking, or on the verge. Standing all the time. Seeley we think is also autistic like me. Hard-focuses on things, etc. Constantine not so much, but we also think for sure he's the nerd of the two. It'll be an interesting first home-schooling session in another few years... They are already learning SO much so fast. I've already started some basic educational tasks... But public school is OUT!