Star Wars: The Old Republic

has been entertaining, but it has also finally killed itself off.
You can see from my Youtube lineup that I've been in progression guilds since release. On the same server with guilds such as (and/or in guilds of the same) Messores Republic, Nerf Dialogue, Severity Gaming, to name a few...

Only one of these are still going. There are no other guilds worth joining on the republic side of our server. And the game being what it is, it's pointless to redo everything on the imperial side, although I do have toons there also.

I run currently 9 55's in end-game gear. My sage being the strongest. And I have 6 friends who want to do progression content but we can't find the end of our ranks. We could fill in with DPS if I ran a tank, etc. however the way SWTOR is setup, you're screwed if you do.

1) without giving them hard currency PER unit, items don't transfer (Vehicles, pets, etc.) When I'm a collector, I want them all on one toon. But if I run progression on my tank (have been), I don't bother collecting the items cause they just bind on pickup anyhow and I can't even get them to my would-be main where I want them.

2) I can't transfer sides like you could even in the real Star Wars universe. Right now the Empire is far more powerful on our server. If I want to take my main over there, I can't. I should be able to go to the dark-side, no problem. But heaven forbid imps talk with reps or visa-versa; let alone RAID with them... Good god all mighty.

3) I can't transfer servers without something like $12 PER toon. I have 12 active toons and EA doesn't deserve a penny for this horrible-game. However, I have 7 toons on another PVE server instead and it's just as dead... So what's the point?!?

After trying for months to get organized, the entire group has said "Hell with this... let's find another MMO" and all of them unsubbed. I was actually the first but my sub still is holding on till the first of Feb I think. However all of the diehards, including guys who would drop 2-300/month on the horrible idea of the Cartel Market are leaving, just because of the blind-sight of EA and company.

This is a huge reason why I never support EA games. This one was an exception cause I though Bioware would have a bit more pull. Apparently not. EA could have made TONS off this game for many years to come if they just got their shit together. Instead they went for the quick buck and it's going to peter out REALLY fast. HA! on them. Glad they aren't getting more $ from me. Sub since beta...

They went from dozens of servers, to ONE of each type in each area, and even now we can't get enough to run more then a really piss-poor PUG (pick up group) for comms that don't even do us any good anymore. We can't get groups for the real content and PUGS are far too 'stupid' honestly. You might find one in 10 people who are very good but too many literally roll their faces on their keyboards. It's an embarrassment to the MMO world honestly.