While not a failure per-say, it's hardcore crowd is leaving in droves. Simple reasons and I KNEW this would happen with the 'expansion'. They would make the end-game content pointless. And it is. Plus they added a capping system to 'comms' used to purchase gear and a microscopic limit to that. Things like this just destroy the MMOs we used to love. Here's the problems...

Problem #1) Content

There just isn't any. And what there is they keep 'leveling' themselves out of. I KNEW if they increased the level cap they would otherwise break the game and that is exactly what they did. They went from 4 entertaining ops to do down to 2 to do and 3 that never get done again. Just like World of Warcraft, boss content that is wasted and never used.

Problem #2) People

People are bored with the content and leave the game. I was in the US' Republic first 16-man content guild at one stage in the game. We kicked butt and did it fast and effectively with about 25 people online at any given time. Toward the end we had at MOST 12 people online ever. We were on 'Prophesy of the Five' server and eventuality they went to a different server to join with a different guild (although I didn't go. That guild turned out to be very selfish and I have better things to do then feed the monster. I want to play with friends not jerks and selfish pricks.) just to continue raiding simply because there was NOONE left on our server worth a damn accept the one guild that every reject in the game that was /gkicked was sent to (Severity). Sure they have numbers but they also have a lot of people that we do not want anything to do with (and some good ones but, the bad outweight for many of us). But even now, writing this, they have no people online... During peak hours they may have enough people to field a raid though...

Problem #3) Servers (the big one)

MMOs have not had to be SERVER based since original EQ. Server tech has evolved to the point where they can develop random server needs on the fly as they need them (and SWTOR sort-of does already with instances and areas developing new versions when there are so many people, etc. There are no need for 'servers'. And the way 'Star Wars' itself plays, There is no need for PVE/PVP servers itself either accept to allow gankers. I happen to be on a PVP server and the only thing we see are gankers. There is NO world PVP at all, period... it's pointless.

There should just be ONE login server. PVE style, period. (Sorry RP people, or maybe a separate RP server also... but even I used to do that and gave up because non RPers go there and ruin the experience for everyone so what's the use... Just play...) THEN people would be able to find guilds worth a crap... and play... and stay... Not unsubscribe due to boredom as I'm doing right now.

Problem #4) Just Nothing To Do

Week long lockouts on everything is just double-stupid...

The BIGGEST thing... After you're all done with everything, there is just NOTHING left to do at all... You sit around, picking your nose in your min/maxed 72 (75, whatever the current level gear is). There is just nothing else to do. No flash points for comms, etc. Once you're doing flashpoints for end gear, there is nothing else TO do, period. So you have 2 ops to run and nothing else. BORING!!!

Plus, we get some people together to do something finally and one guy did something earlier and we can't do it... Lockouts are RETARTED! Get rid of em! They are destroying the game for everyone else. We don't give a shit how fast people can level/gear.

Problem #5) Imps vs Reps

Ok, this fits into the Star Wars thing sure, however for the extremely limited player base, this doesn't work anymore... Now I have my parked sage I'd like to play with all his vehicles and pets, but I've been on the imp side. There should be a 'switch sides' quest you can only do say once a week or something... to go back and forth... Cause this is double-stupid... I have a toon I want to play, and literally can't just cause he's too heavily geared and just NOONE to play with unless I want to run around doing nothing flashpoints for no purpose. At least on the imp side there are a few guilds I could join still to do something...

So then the question is; WHY IS ANYONE STILL PLAYING?!? I really wanted to enjoy this game. I had MANY end-game toons.