I'm still undecided on what to do. Rebif is $1k/month and I can't afford it. I added a donation link to my website to hopefully get some assistance.

The numbness in my hands is getting worse it seems. I really don't mind the tempature differences I have had for so long but I need my hands to work. This is really getting rediculious. I have this constant kink in my neck also and sometimes when I pop it I start to feel better for a few seconds. I still think, even if I do have MS, that I have something else in there (pinched nerve, disk, etc...) causing this Ulnar nerve numbness. It ticks me off they stop looking as soon as they think they found MS (which ofcorse there still not sure on until I die and they take a tissue sample...)

Anyhow, my new love is still here, sleeping right now actually. I can't believe I found her. Now if I could just win the lottery... LOL!

The holidays are comming up and I put out my wishlist for anyone interesting in buying me something. If you can't tell, I'm into movies.. bigtime. Ok, so the wishlist is more for my family then the public but I won't refuse a present from anyone.. /wink

Thanks for reading and I'll post more info soon.