I leave this blog alone after posting because I want my attitude and thoughts to remain when I re-read them. Some of them are harsh, like I used to be. Especially the ones referring to my ex-wife.

But basically, the story of this blog is simply my life in process. I'm working to become a better person. Right all of the wrongs in my life. Actually, today most people regard me as one of the most honest, kindest and loyal people they know. That wasn't always the case.

Some people bring out the worst in me (Ex-wife). Some people bring out the best (Wife, old high-school friends I'm reconnecting with, etc.). But I make this blog on the fly, and leave it so that I can read it again and remember.

Also in this blog will be reviews of things I have or have used, stuff I've done, etc. outside of the normal life updates.

I hope you enjoy them. I hope the bad ones don't give you a bad opinion of me. I am so much different than my old days. Unfortunately it took life threatening conditions to turn me around, but at least now I am turned around.