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2015 October 17 : This blog is discontinued

Please see the new blog area from my main page. Thank you!
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2015 August 15 : Why do I stay away from the big AAA game producers like EA?

Here is a prime example. I'm not feeding the $ grubbers anymore to play a game. Too many good independents and even a few AAAs left to give you good products completely at release and DLC is just that, more content, not finishing the content you needed.
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2014 September 11 : Sick of the US Media Crybabies

OMG, what a load of shit:

Basically, it says CBS shit-canned the NAVY Seal parachuting into the Pittsburgh/Baltimore game on 9/11. The reason they used; safety cabling, some BS about they run more cabling with CBS. There are so many reasons that's BS... Simple investigation of how it all works and who's responsible for all that explains it all. The facility, not the TV stations.

Anyhow, the real reason from the Military insiders; CBS refused to air it because it might offend some Muslims. So @#$%ing what. It's the US Military, parachuting in with a flag, as they do in EVERY OTHER EVENT, on the anniversary of one of the worst events in our history that led to war.

CBS, Fuck You! Obama cock-holders...
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2014 August 13 : Says it all...

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2014 May 25 : TWC/Comcast Upgrading the internet... BUT...

"Here is the entirety of the question: 40M per channel, 6141 has 8 channels down, 4 up, 6183 has 16 down, 4 up. Both of these should EASILY be able to do even the 300 ultimate plans but you list the 6141 stopping at 100m. Even the 6121 should easily be able to do the 100M plan"

Transfer after transfer... No one has a clue... Then they closed the window on me following the transcription on the bottom. Thank goodness I was copying and pasting into here as I went along.
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2014 March 10 : Another Croup (Croop) night...

These seem to be happening all the damn time now. Constantine had it a few weeks ago, now Seeley has it. Too long for it to be the same one. They shared it a few months ago. I tell ya I get tired of waking up to severely wheezing children and running them to the hospital, but at least I do wake up and not sleep through it... I do thank God for my hyper-active ears at least.
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2014 February 19 : The world > 60Hz!!!

I get a lot of people going with the 'You can not see more then 60Hz' comment they throw out. Infact almost everyone can, but it's how we see it.

To perceive motion through still pictures, it takes ~ 25 frames per second (FPS). This is what even Blu-Ray movies are encoded with. Our average computer monitors lock to 60Hz which in turn limits the maximum to 60FPS.

If you do anything over HDMI, you also only see 60FPS, however internals in the display unit can make things appear smoother then they are. LGs are especially nice to do this with their 240Hz units in my experience.
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2013 December 29 : I can't watch movies...

I've been digitizing my entire library now that I expanded the room before all hell broke lose. In doing so I find movies I just can't handle...

I.E. A Beautiful Mind... When the baby is in the tub, I lost it. Just about smashed my monitor actually. If I hadn't been using the pump at the same time, I most likely would have.

Big Daddy (obviously, I'm only in the B's) when they took the child away, same reaction...
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2013 August 08 : It's not all bad...

My health does suck absolute ASS lately. However I'm talking with my daughter again and she's doing very well and I'm so happy. We never stopped talking but being the late teen and breaking out of that and me being sick and growing sicker, well we never were super chatty. We seemed to fall apart again.

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2013 August 07 : Starting a new diet!

See the Multiple Sclerosis specific Blog! Trying to save my own life!
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