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2015 October 17 : This blog is discontinued

Please see the new blog area from my main page. Thank you!
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2015 August 11 : Windows 10

I've played with it and so far have ZERO reasons to switch...

Real benchmark tests, not fluffed up frills:

Plus the Cortana issue; she is a massive data collection system that so far we have not found a way to uninstall her. You can disable her front-end but collection still goes on. Hence the 'free' upgrade. Right now I stay with 7.

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2015 March 17 : Casper Bed

$50 off Referral Program
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2015 February 04 : HULU Plus

I used it years ago but quit due to various reasons. I went back for a free week to see what was changed, if anything. Unfortunately it seems not much is the answer.

I tested this on the phone app, on Windows systems running Firefox and IE and on Linux (Ubuntu) systems running FireFox.
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2015 January 16 : End of SWTOR

I've done everything and tolerated everything up to this point through all the shit but this I think is the last straw.

Primary reason: Absolutely NO in-game customer service. Every other game I even had GMs on whisper/friend's lists... They do not exist in SWTOR to any level. Nor does any resemblance of in-game customer support.

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2014 February 25 : Thief

Something I've waited for, for MANY years!!!

Benchmarked it with everything maxed out and 144Hz setup on my rig...

105.3 MAX FPS
77.0 AVG FPS

And that's everything on Very High and AA on 16x (highest selectable).

I haven't gone into the nvidia control panel and forced it all higher yet. Looks slick for now. Need to start playing!!!

I'll also say this is the first game yet to make my GPU fan really spin up. I actually heard it! EEK
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2014 January 03 : DEATH of SWTOR

Star Wars: The Old Republic

has been entertaining, but it has also finally killed itself off.
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2013 December 12 : Enough paying for cheaters!

I enjoyed games like SWTOR for a long time. Fun MMOs. They introduced a new space fighter game and within days, there's hacks. Targetting people WAY out of range with missiles, targetting through objects and protected effects, etc.

I'm sick of it and not paying for a company that doesn't care about it's core players. I did unsub.
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2013 May 04 : Why MMOs fail... SWTOR

While not a failure per-say, it's hardcore crowd is leaving in droves. Simple reasons and I KNEW this would happen with the 'expansion'. They would make the end-game content pointless. And it is. Plus they added a capping system to 'comms' used to purchase gear and a microscopic limit to that. Things like this just destroy the MMOs we used to love. Here's the problems...

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2012 September 05 : Star Wars - The Old Republic - Biggest Problems

There are TONS of problems with the game... Here is my list of existing ones as of the updated date:

2012 09 05

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