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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis!

Life with Multiple Sclerosis


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2014 February 21 : I did 7 treatments of the Acthar Gel

and now have to stop. I have a boil on my leg that is HUGE. They started me on antibiotics to jump-start my immune system again.

And I'm having the worst day on record YET right now.
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2014 February 19 : H.P. Acthar Gel

Holy crap! Dr. Thera prescribed this shot to me for 15 days. This stuff has a price tag of $32,500 PER vial and I need 3 vials for the 15 days. Talk about GOUGING!!!

It's also used for infantile spasms... (eek).

After the first few days, I actually felt better. But as time keeps going on, into the second vial now, I think I just had a really good day on my own more or less. I see Dr. Thera again tomorrow night. We'll see.

Imagine if Obama care had to pay for this shit... Not going to happen. And there is no Generic (of which we REALLY NEED THE FDA TO DESTROY THE GENERIC MARKET!!! But that's another story).
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2014 February 11 : Good Day, Bad Day

Seems for every good day I have, I get the rest of the week filled with bad days. Doc is prescribing a new drug to try. That is nothing new to me but I got the bill for this drug... $31k per vial!!! 5 days worth, 5 shots... Holy SHIT! I need 3 of these just for this treatment!!!

Just to 'see' if it works at all. Plus it's not even for my type of MS but... He said if it does work, it'll give me more strength. If so it'll be well worth it. Thank goodness my co-pay is only $75 (So $225 for the 15 days vs the $93k for insurance). Though that's just this year until the insurance changes.
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2014 February 07 : New MRIs

Seems it hit my brain now. I'm weaker then ever. Can't hardly move anymore. Sometimes I wish it would just finish me off and be done. So tired, so much pain.
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