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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis!

Life with Multiple Sclerosis


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2013 December 25 : Another Boring Christmas

Besides not having any money to do anything for Christmas, I haven't eaten in over 41 hours. Again, just not hungry. And this morning sick. Out both ends unfortunately. Merry @#$%ing Christmas to me...

The wife took the boys to the family party. I'm really happy it's not here as it usually is. I can be alone but don't have the noise. I seem to be really noise sensitive today also.

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2013 December 11 : Stagnet body changes...

I've sort-of stuck in this situation. I'm not getting better. Very dizzy most of the time with double-vision issues. Working on that. Think I have a lazy eye actually and when I get tired my right eye comes in and down. Working on exercising it to keep it in shape. Dunno if it's working yet.

Hands/arms have been weaker lately. Afraid to pick up my sons. Pain is more severe also. Considered going back on oxy but honestly it didn't help a ton either. Dr. said I could up my triliptall (sp) a ton so there's room there.

Got a new pump for the legs. Seems to work but it's a PITA to use...
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