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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis!

Life with Multiple Sclerosis


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2013 November 26 : More Surgery

I went back for my surgery followup, and something grew together. So right there and then, they cut me back up and fixed it hopefully. Now I can't breathe and can't blow my nose for a few weeks either. Wee...
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2013 November 16 : Teeth Hurt

I think my right lower sinus is acting up. Cause man my teeth and jaw on that side hurt. Even my face on that side hurts...

Plus I got another speeding ticket from a total bogus charge this time. Figures I drive once a month and get all this crap. 40 in a 30... No Way.
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2013 November 13 : Kids turn 1, I turn too many...

Mom, Dad & Grandma came for a visit. I gave Mom another car and Grandma doesn't come often. It was a nice week(end).

The boys got baptized and had a birthday party. I was so-so most of the weekend with one bad day. Mom & Dad got the flu we had. Fun... Maybe off the plane. Maybe we missed a spot and it lasted a few weeks in the house somewhere. Either are possible.

Grandma is 'spent' now. No one seems to understand how we handle the twins, especially with me in the chair and not much help most of the time. But we still have a lot to work on. House still needs childproofing.
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2013 November 07 : Few very good days followed by HELL

I thought the dizzy spells were over. But no.. I went probably a week without any. Now that my grandma and parents showed up, non-stop since the day before. I'm so sick of my body problems.

However, it's great to see grandma with the boys. To be honest, I don't remember her playing with me like that but then I guess I'd be too young to remember.
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2013 November 04 : Body so-so, house in pain.

Trying to get the house back in working order, finally moved back into my office, for what it's worth. But the rain destroyed the tile in the entrance way. From what I can tell there is no foundation damage but the super-fast swelling bowed up the tile, tearing it from the floor.

Parents and grandma visiting this week. Looking forward to that. Worried though that they'll see me on one of my bad days. I've had a lot of good days lately. Dunno if it's the diet or what. But I'm sticking too it like glue.
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2013 November 02 : Daughter might visit!!!

YES! Although I thought tickets would be normal-ish... But around the holidays, we're taking $600 or MORE for round trip. Holy crap. It's an 18 hour drive from her to us so doing it alone I wouldn't be fond of. I would worry. But perhaps a hotel in the middle both ways would be cheaper then the flight (and safer then an 18 hour drive obviously).

Still looking for hotels.
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