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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis!

Life with Multiple Sclerosis


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2013 October 31 : I was sick...

The last few days, I had 102 degree fever. Eek... First it started with Constantine, then Kat, then me and Seeley... My mother-in-law thankfully helped for a few days.

When it hit me, I was so weak I couldn't even stand up myself or feel my hand at all.
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2013 October 23 : Nose still full of gunk. Hands still not working...

I had a good day yesterday. Even carried one of my Sons from the bedroom to the living room without an issue. But with everything 'ME', that was short-lived.

My nose needs saline rinses often which is a PITA to do for me. Dr. said it will take 6-8 weeks to actually heal. Although it does feel better overall.

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2013 October 15 : Ugg... Nose leaking, hands numb.

My nose started working yesterday. A LOT of 'stuff' came out. I even took a picture of one for the Doctor. But man it's a bunch. Aside from that, my hands and arms and somewhat my legs, are SOOO weak the last few days. Plus I'm dizzy beyond belief.

Even during physical therapy yesterday, SOOO weak...
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2013 October 10 : As for the Diet...

Well, I can feel more, strangely enough.

I can feel my back from above the belly button down. And it hurts like HELL. Honestly I was more comfortable when it was numb...

Also my butt feels like I was sitting on a pole or something. Ouch.

Feet still hyper-sensative, weak legs, etc. But I can feel more of them. Physical Therapy is also helping I think. I have up and down days, especially from MS, but I think it's helping...
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2013 October 09 : Someone hit me!

That's what it feels like. Someone punched me in the face.

After the surgery, I had very strong bouts of bloody nose a few hours after I got home. Lasted for about half an hour, then stopped cold. No blood since.

I need to do a rinse soon though. Might start up after that.
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2013 October 07 : Had the Surgery!

At 14:00 today, I did the surgery. Well, I sat there while Doctors broke my face...

It didn't really hurt so much as being WEIRD. Hearing bones in my face break open was just not right. Feeling them do it was even worse. Now I'm very congested and lots of blood coming out. Weeee...

Have to change the bandage every 20 minutes or so. No fun.

Not hungry, couldn't eat really if I wanted to. Tired, sore. And the pain numbing hasn't worn off yet. Weeee again...
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