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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis!

Life with Multiple Sclerosis


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2013 September 30 : SURGERY

Well, my sinuses are better, ish... but surgery is still on the table. I need to have another CT to make sure it's not my MS. Then if all goes well, surgery to finally fix the pressures and hopefully my dizziness.

Other then that, the office is painted. Need to finish the trim work and move back in... The moving bit is actually difficult since I can't even walk anymore.
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2013 September 25 : Diet still going...

Doing more of the same. It's expensive and we have NO money, but it's my ONLY hope at stabilizing or getting better. I think it's actually helping a bit also. I'm stronger now then I was. I use my walker less often around the house.

Kids are doing well, lots of new videos on the youtube playlist. I noticed their hands are bigger today. Seeley was on my lap and his hand was significantly larger then even yesterday it seems. Like 2x larger.
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2013 September 22 : Sinuses might be getting better; body getting worse.

My hands hurt so badly lately, and legs of jello. Sinus still has pressure but I think it's getting easier.

Typing this is painful and difficult. I'm doing a lot of corrections even with my best keyboard.

I still need to finish my office and get out of the bedroom though. Ugg...
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2013 September 20 : So broke I can't even see the daylight anymore. Sinuses still SUCK!

Sinuses are getting better I think... Dizzy less often, etc. But time will tell. The surgery is still on the table and I'm open to doing it regardless just to give my sinuses more 'opening' to avoid this later on. I still have significant pressure in the top sinus and cheeks.

As for life otherwise;
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2013 September 18 : Sinus stuck... Body sucks...

Well, my sinuses are stuck a bit. Getting worse again. My guess is the surgery is coming. It was my choice not to yet and hope it cleared up on it's own. I was at that 'point' where it could go either way. So we're waiting 2 weeks or less.

As for me otherwise;
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2013 September 15 : Sinus seems to be lifting...

But not all the way. Still occasionally have pressure. Finished the 20th day of pills (27 if you count the other one). And I'm still stuffy. Guess tomorrow we'll find out.
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2013 September 12 : Better few days...

Dunno why but it's been a bit better. Still pressure on the face but not quite as damning...

We'll see what happens over the weekend. Back to the Dr. on Monday.
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2013 September 10 : Tired of my face hurting

Sinus or not?

My face hurts. Around the forehead sinus and down to the ears. Down to the jaw, teeth, etc. Double-vision... So tired...

Is it my sinus situation not clearing up or something more sinister? Virus/fungus eating my brain? Been like this on/off for almost 2 months.
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2013 September 08 : Another Week of Antibiotics. Then surgery.

The Sinus thing is getting out of hand. OR is it my MS?!?

Who knows. One minute I feel OK and the next I feel like CRAP. The Doctor told me to use this nose saline wash. Every time I do it gets significantly worse. I didn't use it yesterday and started to feel better today. Used it today with distilled water as directed and now I wanna die again.

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2013 September 04 : Worst day yet...

So far I wake up ok and the day gets worse as it goes on. Today I woke up like shit and it just snowballed from there.

Right now, going to bed... I wanna die. Tomorrow I go to the ENT specialist to see if I get surgery or what. We'll see...
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2013 September 03 : Test for CIPD today...

Failed... Seemingly last hope. Chance for Plasmapheresis. Failed. Asked the doc what's our next step. He actually said he had none left to offer...

That's helpful. So my face is numb, eyes double-visioned. Can't move 20 minutes after I wake up, but there's no hope of doing a damn thing about it. My diet seems to be my only shot.

I kept saying the Doctors don't know a GOD DAMNED thing about Multiple Sclerosis. I stick to that theory...
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2013 September 02 : Bad day made worse. ..

today was a bad day. Hands are killing me, face feels like its pressurized. Just not good. Then at 01:30, we lose power. Been off for an hour now.

I'm destined never to get more sleep. I haven't slept in two days and now I can't sleep because the kids alarms are not working.
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