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2013 August 30 : Extreme Sinus Infection

So, after a CT yesterday and a visit to the ENT specialist, it is confirmed that I have a massive invasive sinus infection... /duh

This pressure is so massive I might need surgery. I forgot to pay the mortgage for two months also. Fun. I'm so screwed up.

Still worried about so many of my friends. I know I've got problems of my own but many of them do to. I guess worrying about them helps me take my mind off myself. Weird as it sounds.

As for my autism, I think knowing about it alone has helped a ton. Just made me more open to slow down.

Boys are home, Kat is home. The screaming has commenced... AAAAAaaaahhhhhhh...
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2013 August 29 : Can't sleep again

Up and at it, 05:00. Sleep at 02:00... All over again...

I need a shower bad. Tried to clean for Kat to come home. I'll bet they can't tell one bit. I'm so damn numb from working so hard and I did a lot but, I'm so messy anymore it barely made a dent it seems.

Rygel seems lonely being here. He keeps me company but he knows he's not allowed in the bedroom so hes confused since that's where I am. We'll retrain later. I couldn't even get up to take him out so he pooped on the floor. And of coarse, it was massive too. What fun.

I'm so sore and tired and it's 06:33 right now. Ugg...
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2013 August 28 : Kids coming home today... No...

I spent most of the night trying to clean. And god I'm paying for it now. And it doesn't even look like I did a damn thing. Times like this I hate myself. I worked SOOO hard and damnit if you could tell a bit or believe it likely. I can't even move this morning. Barely got to get up and get the dog his pill. No way in HELL I'm making breakfast. Not a chance.
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2013 August 27 : Evening... Bad Evening...

I found out today that Uncle Jack died. Just more salt on my wounds.

Kat called and sounded rather pathetic on the phone too. And she's coming home tomorrow? With no more help? EEK!

As for me, today is a BAD day. Still not sleeping. Still worrying about my many friends. Guess it's easier then worrying about myself.. /shrug

Amanda is on her way to North Carolina to go to school for NASCAR! I couldn't be more proud. I'm a nerd sure but also a redneck at heart. She's still going to school and she'll have job placement afterward. Plus that's got to be a cool school... I'm a bit jealous. I wish I could have done more but as always with our family; timing couldn't have been worse.

No extended reading tonight. That's it. Tired, can't even make dinner today, or lunch. I can't stand or move. Too tired. Too weak. Dog took a giant crap on the floor. Can't blame him. Why ohh why did Kat not leave me when I told her too when we met and my MS changed for the worse?!?
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2013 August 27 : New morning, new drugs...

Went to Dr. Levy for the Sinus yesterday... Antibiotic wasn't doing anything. Told him the 'snot' was totally clear, head pain so severe, all the way up to the top of the forehead (above the sinus) and over to the ears, etc...

He still wants to hit it one more time just to be sure. So I'm bending over and taking the 'biggest one there is' for a few days. 500mg/day, one shot. 2 hours off any food. Diarrhea sure to ensue they say. We'll see.

As for everything else;
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2013 August 26 : Up again at 05:00

Still can't sleep. Didn't GO to bed till almost 02:00... Been this way for weeks now... WTF.

As for the diet, seems to be going fine. Expensive, especially as fast as I burn through grapes. And mental note; Don't let mother make the cooked vegetables.. WWWAY to thick. Good lord they're cut for the jolly green giant's salad, not mine... Sad that much of them probably won't get used. That's a lot of money gone to waste due to lazy cooking. I try to cut it up after the fact but it doesn't seem to be working well sadly.
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2013 August 26 : Sickness progress...

This weekend hasn't improved much.

While I'm not as wheezy per-say, I still cough up plenty and the nose is running tons. But the head is no less pressurized at all.

And when my nose does work, I smell dust... ALWAYS. In the shower, outside, inside, doesn't matter. Smells like I just stuck my head in the back of the TV cabinet after 10 years of settling and turn on the blower and breathed deeply.
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2013 August 21 : So-so day

Well, today could have been better. I was sore most of the day. I ended up taking a shower at 9 o'clock and at 11 o'clock I was able to start moving again. It is ridiculous how fast I lose all ability to move from simple exercise.

I am entering this with my phone's voice command and not correcting it so we'll see how accurate it is.
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2013 August 21 : Morning.

Well, yesterday sucked. Day before I got pills for a sinus infection which helped the dizzy a bit. Yesterday they seemed to stop working... Ugg.. And the diarrhea. OMG! I've had plenty of that in the past but DAMN this was powerful stuff. Thanks to my neighbors for getting me some other pills to counter-act that problem (pro-biotic for the intestine)

I didn't sleep well. I found out one of my friends isn't doing the best at the moment, and I can't sleep when that happens. I worry. Meds probably, but I haven't really slept now in.. Crap, going on 5 days... I wish sleeping pills WORKED!!!

Kat brought Rygel home. He's snoring at my feet all happy now. He seemed lost yesterday cause my office is all messed up. He didn't know where to go.

As for the rest of my regular blog items, read on...
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2013 August 19 : OMG, I'm so sick...

My face feels like it's going to explode... Cold, Flu, dunno. Massive sinus infection... All of the above...

Could this have been what triggered everything?

11:45 appointment to find out. Slept with the AC off and the hot humidifier on full blast (had to refill it twice and never did sleep) right in my face with the bedroom doors closed)

So tired, so sore, so much PAIN!

I can not breathe, I can not smell, but what I do smell is dusty or musty. And I swear something is in my brain moving around. I'm very scared right now. Rygel already has Meningitis...
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2013 August 17 : Every time I move...

I get worse...

I was able to move again this afternoon... waddle basically and see. So I simply sat still and put a second coat on the floor. NOTHING at all physical. That tiny bit and and my eye went haywire again and I can't walk at all again and the cramping returns... Really makes Myasthenia Gravis more suspect. If so, maybe I'll get plasmapheresis finally...

Anyhow, I'm stuck, I can't move and it's only 15:00 and I haven't been able to move mostly since 10:00.. I'm scared...
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2013 August 17 : 10:30 and I can't hold myself up anymore

Or feel my fingers. So many typos already this message.

I went to Lowes, got the Gloss coat for the floor, extra rollers and came home, felt so-so. Ate breakfast before. So there is that.

Put the floor on, basically sitting in one spot with a stick and roller on it pushing it back and forth. Now my eye is totally wonky (can't see properly at all, one of my common problems), I can not hold myself up because my legs are absolute jellow and useless and in extreme pain, and my back is killing me, as well it's very hard to swallow.

Seems the more I do, the worse I get. And it's only been an hour, if that. The room is a giant 8'x10', maybe... I sat on my chair and used a broom... weee... hard... I thought about painting the walls.. @#$% that. I can't stand. I can't even get water right now. I wet myself trying to get to the restroom it's so bad. Unfortunately, that's no joke right now.

My arms are so weak I can't pull myself up to my walker, my wheelchair is in the car (not that it would do me any good in the house, doesn't fit). And to top it off, I might, probably am, autistic... What a morning... Days like this just piss me off...
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2013 August 17 : This morning my butt hurts...

I'm paying close attention this morning and going to try to document what happens today as best I can. I got some sleep and this morning most things are working and not hurting so much. Last pills were 23:00. It's 06:18 now.

Still sick with my cough and phlegm so that isn't helping. No fever though that I can tell but Kat took all of the thermometers so.

Not too dizzy yet. Eyes working for the most part.

Legs shaky and sore, especially at the joints. More-so at the butt-leg joint. Maybe just cause I used it a lot yesterday and they are sore? But it's been sore there a lot lately.

I can lift my right foot, but not as easily/fast as my left. Balance isn't there, need the walker still. Not I think like it was yesterday morning where I walked 120' solo into Lowes to get to the power chair.

Ribs hurt a bit from falling out of the shower for the dozenth time last week.
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2013 August 16 : Friday... Another Day...

woke up today, did the basic stuffs.

Had to go to Lowes for concrete sealant to try to stop the smell from my office. I actually WALKED from the car into the door to get to the chair. By the time I was inside my legs were reallllllly heavy but I made it.

Now, being home for most of the morning and early afternoon, I can't move hardly at all. I finished cleaning the floor, tried a section of the new paint, removed a tiny bit of the left over carpet and one more piece of trim and sprayed again for cat. And I'm totally 110% done. I can't even walk with the walker. I can't hold myself up anymore.

I can't hear either if that makes a difference. Neighbors came over, I had the radio so loud I set-off my own car alarm. (and ya, my radio gets damn loud but... shesh...) I didn't even know my car had an alarm to be honest. Factory. Ohh the diet...
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2013 August 14 : New toy I guess...

Today is so so... Ate fish yesterday. Need to find better store for it though...

Got a delivery. Insurance picked up the tab of $158... wee... And this is just to GET AROUND THE HOUSE!!! I literally can not walk anymore... I cry a lot now though...

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2013 August 13 : New Doctor, nothing new... However one of the boys are VERY sick...

He's pretty much on the MS bandwaggon. So back to the drawling board.

However, Seeley went into the hospital as I went into the doctors. He also has the Croup and it went nuts and now he can't breathe. Unlike his brother, he's not responding to the medication either and they admitted him via ambulance to North Central Baptist Hospital in San Antonio. They better kick serious ass or I will... Mark my words...

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2013 August 12 : This morning is a bit better...

Woke up, had eggs..

Legs getting worse the more I use them. Cleaning crew is here getting started. I'll have to leave once they really tear into my office but for now they're just prepping.

My legs are so heavy lately. So is my face and right hand... Ugg.. The morning might be better, but it's heading right to crap just like yesterday...
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2013 August 12 : Today was the worst day of them all so far...

Well, yesterday... Came home to get ready for the cleanup crew. My face hurts soooooo bad. Started hurting yesterday and the day before but today it feels like it's going to explode. It might very well be something in the house but it's gota be something I'm alergic to. But that's not everything.

I can't walk for @#$% today. Plus I'm SOOO tired and sore. Everything hurts. Dunno if I'm getting worse or if I'm just having an episode, etc.

I have an apt on the 13th, another on the 15th back in San Antonio... It's all a mess... Right now I just wanna roll over and die though.
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2013 August 10 : This morning constantine couldn't sleep...

So I fed him @ 3 and held him till 4... Now I'm up close to 6... Why can't I sleep anymore... I got a few hours in...

Going home today to do some work on the house with Grandpa Herring. Shouldn't take long. Prepping the house for the cleaning crew to get in and do the duct work hopefully Monday.

Have to get the carpet out of the office, clean the concrete and prep it for the hardwood install. Need to fix the wall and find trim, remove the old food and now bad food that doesn't fit my diet plan... ugg...

Shouldn't be too long though.
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2013 August 09 : Tonight is another bad day...

Yesterday wasn't so bad it seems. Today seems so horrible. For a 1-10 scale, if yesterday was a 70, today is a 20 again... Bleh...

Ate the usuall, eggs this morning, Salad for lunch, Steak and veggies for dinner and some nuts for desert. Going to have some fruit and get some sleep tonight. Kids just fell asleep. Be sure to check the Youtube channel for more on them.
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2013 August 09 : Ugg... New morning...

Tired. Bad night.

Sorer then yesterday. Hands hurt pretty bad actually. Balance isn't so bad though. Physical and Occupational therapy coming by today. Wee.

Ate a half dozen OMEGA-3 eggs for breakfast and the special brown OJ (the vegie-mix powder stuff... ugg.). Eggs ROCK. OJ sucks. Time for lunch. A bucket of Salad again. Also time to go shopping for more food. /sigh
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2013 August 09 : Another day gone...

Today was so so. I found myself hungry.

Tried more recipes. We need to go shopping again. Out of foods. So far so good, but I don't know if it's the diet or what. Still DIZZY as hell. Mom has a ton of Hershey bars sitting around and I got weak today and ate half of one.. Strangely tasted like A$$!... yuck! We'll see if the Dairy messes with me tomorrow also.

Can't sleep tonight. Restless and cold.
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2013 August 08 : Ok, the weird 'better' feeling is still here...

This doesn't make sense. I can't still stand up strait. But for a short spell, I can TAP my right foot. WTF!

Needless to say I haven't slept well with all this strangeness... So I started analyzing what we ate last night...

Kabobs.. With Onions (green), Mushrooms, Grass-feed meat chunks, green peppers, all organic. And after that a bit of my HOLY CRAP organic Mint Icecream...

Now suddenly I can move around... It has to be a coincidence... Face still feels @#$%ed up. Still weak as HELL, but... somehow... dunno... guess just hoping... probably just another glimpse of what I'm losing though.

Morning is here. Realized two shipments I made were to the wrong addresses. Love Amazon, they're going to reimburse me or resend them. That's why we use them.
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2013 August 07 : Woah!

Ok, I still feel very weak and wonky...

But I just stood up and went to the kitchen by myself... AND I moved my right foot. Tapping it like a bass-pedal. I haven't been able to do that for almost a month now. I also just picked my right leg strait off the ground by it's own power at the knee. I have not done that in at LEAST as long... HORRIBLY uneasy on my feet, unsteady, weak, wondering, etc. Still...

Probably just a moment of clarity but... My face still feels horrible. Like it's melting and being crushed at the same time. I touch it and it feels normal for a few seconds. Then back to ouch.
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2013 August 07 : Tonight is bad

I'm soooo dizzy. Maybe I just did too much the last few days but I can't feel my hands, legs or face. Standing and just going to the bathroom takes at least one other person right now. Basically I sit on the chair and work on my laptop. If the diet was supposed to work fast, it isn't.

However tonight we had some grass-fed ka-bobs. Nice. But as with all grass-fed... $$$. Need more time I hope. Today I just feel like such absolute crap.
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2013 August 07 : This morning wasn't so good.

Woke up this morning stiff as hell. Can't move my legs at all, couldn't go to the bathroom, etc. Must have messed up something in the diet, etc.
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2013 August 06 : Stocked up...

Spent too much obviously... Started some stuff. Lots of salads. Hard when I can't stand spinach. Working on making Kale chips though. See how that goes.

Made a Grape/Parsley/Lemon/Lime/powder smoothe this morning. Everyone seemed to like it. Without Dairy, I'm going to have a damn hard time. Although the grass-fed meat is right up my alley, though $$$$... Tried the Hummus yesterday. Too dry for me. I need more something. I really gave it a go though. Going to keep digging. Making a salmon dip for veggies today. Lots of fish in my future also. Fish is good too and I neglected them too often.
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2013 August 04 : Dr. Terry Wahls Diet

OK, I'm out of the hospital after another triple round of SoluMedrol (HATE IT). Didn't do jack.

I had 4 days to sit in the hospital and read my phone. Nothing else to do. Peachy. They took new scans. NO NEW LESIONS or BRAIN ITEMS. So how in the @#$% do I have no MS symptoms with no new lesions... anywhere...

I'm so sick of all this crap... BUT!
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