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2010 June 16 : More of the same... Bike might be sold...

This last week has been absolute hell. Super springy feeling especially in my hand making work almost unbearable...

On a high note though; I might have a buyer for the Honda... She seems really nice and her hubby showed up on a 919... God I love those... We hung out WAY too long... Small world, fun people. He brought back many fun memories of my days of stupidity as a kid on a crotch rocket... But man I love the 919's... Can't believed they stopped making that... She's going to be late getting home tonight... But she seemed interested. I think we've settled on a price.. She's also fully placarded so I'm going to see if we can keep the plates on it also (make it convenient all the way around...) Now I just need to get to Honda to get the inspection done... I'll have to have one of the guys come get it... She isn't going to have the cash until next month which is just fine but it's nice to know that the bike may very well be going to a good home and get used like it deserves.

Other than that, Ruben and I had a pretty serious falling out... He apologized but still has been non-communicating... It does amaze me though. I was going to give him a computer so he could build a HTPC box and... well, that's a few posts ago... But I've actually been playing some XBOX now and then (I can still play like Settlers and what not...) and every time I see him pop on, he's off just as fast... (though Microshaft can kiss my @$$ for 'Gold' so we couldn't chat anyhow but... What a retarded fee...)

Robert and I have conquered the world this week (Sins of a Solar Empire) and we do that often... They might come out or we might go up this weekend. He'd be really proud of me I think. I read a whole book (71 pages of the Order of the Stick Volume 0) in ONE SITTING! God that stuff is SOOO funny...

I've been having t hit the Oxycodone harder lately... It's not helping much though. 2-2.5 pills a day lately. I'm going to have to get another prescription before I go to the Mayo... I just hope so much that they can fix something... At least get me back to no burning/springing... Then at least I could ride again... Actually, I've been looking at the Spyder RT-S touring machine. Wow... But the price... WOW.. Maybe a Goldwing trike instead... Ohh wait.. That's REAL money... Nevermind... Maybe someday... Hopefully I get better and can go back on two wheels but... At least selling the bike (potentially) I can seriously consider the mobility scooter.
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2010 June 02 : Netflix or TWC?

I stream Netflix (and/or Hulu, etc.) like a bad habit. I watch TV episodes while I work. I can burn through a full season of X-Files in two days which I would consider average use. It's nice, convenient, and since I pay for it and the ridiculous cost of Road Runner Turbo, it is a service I expect.

Anyhow; the last few days I've had issues. I can actually track it too but still haven't determined the cause. But you can watch when the ahead-buffer stops caching. Eventually the play catches up and it drops with the all-too-common 'internet speed slowed'. But never restarts. Refreshing the browser makes it almost always pick right up and continue... It is doing this about once to twice every episode lately.

My first thought is Time Warner Cable screwing with the link. But it is possible Netflix is doing something or having trouble with their servers also which can cause it to get lost. I'm a bit surprised the software doesn't recognize this and automatically try to reconnect while the buffer is still playing; avoiding the interruption in my viewing (or in my case listening while working) pleasure.

So; who's problem is it? Actually, I could watch some Hulu to see if it happens there but I do believe it's a different socket than Netflix so it might be TWC still anyhow. I need a packet sniffer to track what's happening. I don't have one...

But it's either TWC (my first guess), Netflix, or Microsoft's crappy code in Silverlight (OK, we all know that's a huge part).

TWC is already on my crap-list due to their latest Mystro software release (what JUNK! More on that soon...). Basically, they are all-but forcing anyone who really uses DVR features to go elsewhere. Their software used to be fine but now it drops randomly, dumps the cache even if you're watching it (I don't know how many last few laps I've lost now because I choose to rewind a few minutes at some point, even once it cleared it WHILE I was rewinding...) and, well that's a whole post in itself... But the new software sucks-donky-brains.
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