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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis!

Life with Multiple Sclerosis


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2010 March 22 : New Doctor (Patrica Rosen)...

Well, feeling put off by the 'general chelation' and incorrect EDTA chelation used by Dr. Ted Edwards, I've instead been recommended to a 'toxicologist' named Patrica Rosen.

First thing in the door she sais 'You don't have mercury poisoning' which instantly makes me want to break down and cry. She won't put me on a DMSA, at least not for a few months while we try 'natural' things first, all of which I can get at HEB...

She even went so far as to say, if I remember correctly, I never had 'Transverse Myelitis' or 'Multiple Sclerosis' because you can't tell that just from an MRI. I then went to say we also confirmed the MS with the spinal tap which then she seemed to say everything was just my MS. Well, this even contradicts all of my Neurologist (nerve specialists) that I've ever seen who always want the MRI first and foremost...
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2010 March 19 : Not getting better....

Well, I spend all week in the MRI again... Here is the latest scan. I'm starting to feel it a touch in my left hand too, though extremely mild... Right had is just about useless. I go see Dr. Rosen (toxicologist) Monday @ 14:00. We'll see what she has to say.

Left ear seems to be a bit dul too.... Wounder if I just have wax or something from the MRI hit me a bit harder than normal.
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