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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis!

Life with Multiple Sclerosis


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2010 February 23 : Numb Fingers Today

My right hand, pinky through middle finger, the outside bottom tip part of the fingers are a bit numbish. Odd. I would think I tweak the Ulnar nerve in that elbow or something but it's the middle finger too which that nerve doesn't do.. /shrug... Maybe just one of my days or will this be a new 'problem'...
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2010 February 10 : New Doctor, No Insurance!!!

OK, I now have a new Doctor... Ted is his name (forget the last ATM...) He doesn't accept insurance. This is new for even me who sees a thousand doctors a year. So I had to pay $195 for the initial visit (which should get reimbursed) but then almost $400 for the double-24 hour urine test (which may not). Then, assuming all goes as expected, each Chelation treatment is $125 (which will not) and we're talking as many as two a week.

I don't have that kind of cash... That's a grand a month that is uncovered or more...

Here we go again... But at least it's a possible cure.
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