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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis!

Life with Multiple Sclerosis


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2009 December 15 : Mercury Poisnoing?

Heard about it on the radio of all place on 590 KLBJ AM on the way home from dinner Saturday night. It was about a Dr. talking about older silver fillings and the mercury in them and then I heard the key-word 'MS'. Perked me up like you wouldn't believe. Wife too...
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2009 December 08 : Not getting better; but....

Well, my legs still suck giant huge elephant 'parts'. Not very much fun in the Stiefel household. Kat is glued to my side though but since I'm basically numb from the bellybutton down, having a kid like we had hoped is getting slimmer and slimmer chances. But (so far), she still loves me and sticks by me. Much more so than I could have ever dreamed anyhow...

My eyes are getting worse on and off again. Can't wrap my head around why they change so much. I've started keeping a pain log and think I will incorporate one into the saveazombie website once it's up and running.

The Jeep has plans... Bug plans. But the house is jealous and throwing a hissy-fit. Work is still good though, letting me work from home has been a life/career saver. But once this job is doe with me, I'll most likely be going on disability since I can't actually leave the house very much.

Plus more on my dreams and some personal views on life.
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