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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis!

Life with Multiple Sclerosis


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2009 September 30 : Sitting in the Dr. Office.

I'm sitting in the office. He's running behind as usual for Doctors. However they're going to look at my neck... Ugg... I thought this was about my lower back... /sigh.. .So I'm going to have to go through this ALL OVER AGAIN just for the right part of my body. How annoying...
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2009 September 29 : Putting my life ontheline...

Ok, well, online anyhow...

Since the MRIs I've had with CD instead of film, I've uploaded some to the website along with some medical reports I've had. Various things I've found. Feel free to look through. Names are by date: 20090608 is June 8, 2009.

The .ISO files have to be mouted using a tool like Slysoft's free Virtual Clone Drive.

Here are the medical files:
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2009 September 16 : Spring type feeling in the body...

Lately the 'spring' feeling that I used to have in my back is now going everywhere...

I don't know how to explain it other than to say it is like a spring that was plucked or quickly pulled taunt. Feeling similar to like a guitar string would be another example.

I noticed it when I went into work today.
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2009 September 13 : Appointment with the SURGEON!!! AHHHH!!!!

Well, my neuro called me up again, and suggested I go talk to a surgeon about my back... That happens on the 30th...
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2009 September 02 : Well... More of the same. Legs/feet... well...

The "roids" have finally started to wear off. Still some acne... God I hate steroids. Roid-rage and Steroid-induced Acne seem to flourish within me...

I've noticed lately the 'spring' effect. If I'm sitting there for example, and something happens and I hang my head quickly in a /sigh or /omg fassion, it feels like a spring being pulled taunt in my spine. This has actually been there for quite some time but it's getting more noticeable. I can actually feel the spring simply putting my chin to my chest, not even really fast.

Quit smoaking regularly (Again). Watching more Hulu (love my streaming tv. See my RSS Feeds to all I know here: Back on Yahoo IM, upgraded video card... Roomate gone... Ohh ya, and legs/feet still numb... Other than that, the eyes came back this time. As for the details:
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