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2009 June 10 : More on the Stem Cell Study...

Well, I made it through the 'phone' portion of the inclusion list... Basically it sounds like they are going to take 24 people. They want local people due to the time this will take.

However, I explained that I grew up there and work from home so I can move up there for the year with minimal cost and effect to myself (other than my wife, dog and bike being so far away) if need be. So I am on the very short list of outside people considered. If they can't find 24 people in Cleveland, I might get called. I setup with Doctor Robert Cain's office so the Study people can get any and all information they want from them about me.

So, there's a chance that I'll have to go to Ohio for the initial exam, then the stem cell extraction. Then go back in two months for probably at least 3 months there for the transplant and monitoring time. Then return a few times over the next 6 months following for more exams... I might get lots of time to see my daughter!

I'm excited!!! My worthless existence might hold some value at least! ;)
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2009 June 08 : STEM CELLS!!!! Wahoo!!! Can I get in?!?

I found what seems to be a perfect Stem Cell Study for me. I forwarded the link to my Neurologist and he agreed so well that he scheduled an emergency MRI for Monday (today actually). Ironically, I'm supposed to report for Jury Duty today also (I swear, I thought it was Tomorrow for the Jury call).

But my situation has been getting worse anyhow and the Dr. wants me to come in immediately for the MRI regardless. So either the courts will forgive this, let me go (I'm supposed to call the court house office at 0900) or I'll be in contempt of court because I'm not going to miss this opportunity to possibly GET BETTER! (Something unheard of in the world of MS)... Sure, it's a long shot (24 people chosen out of the world...)

Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) Transplantation in MS

But I'll take a long shot (first getting in, then having it work at all) and even risk of getting worse from the operation just for a chance at getting better...

UPDATE: Wahoo! I just called 'Sandy' at the courthouse, explained the situation to her, she asked which month would be better. Honestly, I'd love to serve on the Jury. But if I get picked for the study, I'll be gone for some time and I do not know when that time will be. So she simply excused me from service this time. Very sweet woman. I suspect she gets stuff like this all the time. She excused me without any information and when I asked her if I could drop off or fax over a Doctor's note, she perked up. Almost like 'wow, he's telling the truth'. Not anything bad on her part but I'll bet she gets questions like this all the time and I'll bet many of them are BS... She was sweet though and it should be no problem to get the fax done. Heck, I could run it over tomorrow in person (as long as I can move tomorrow...)

You know, part of me hopes the doctor sends off my information for the study, they call immediately and tell me to get my butt to Cleveland. Even if I have to pay the plain ticket or drive myself... I'll do it. I have family to stay with in Port Clinton so it's within driving distance. They likely would even loan me a car the whole time if I needed. So the support up there I have. I just need to get in. I haven't been excited about a medical procedure since I fell asleep in the MRI 12 years ago...
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