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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis!

Life with Multiple Sclerosis


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2009 May 31 : OUCH!!!! OMG!!! I'm Numb!!!

But it's not directly my MS this time...

I WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY (in a galaxy far far away... LOL!) over did it yesterday. Nice kid (OK, so not a kid, but compared to me, he's a young-in) from the JeepForum come out and we used my tools to build him a custom 03 in-seat box (see the Jeep Projects section.) From 2 to midnight (sorry neighbors) we worked... I taught him the proper way to use the tools and how to go about construction of the box. It was fun actually...

BUT NOW, OMG, I'm trying to find a part of my body that doesn't hurt... My arms, back, legs, even my BUTT!!! Holy hell!

But we got it finished, the garage mostly blown clean, and he took the box and a few tools home to finish tweaking on it and cover it in liner material.

I'm so soar... I'm supposed to go for a ride today, the race is today, and the sister-in-law's kid's birthday is today.. so on top of being in pain, I have a long busy day.. At least the race (which I'll probably have to tape) will be sit on my soar ass time... LOL
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2009 May 19 : Well, I'm better, but...

Well, the flu thing finally went away after my fever broke ~ 8 times... Talk about a roller coaster... But now, the knee decided to go wack... ?!?

Computer Speakers review and upgrade thoughts...

And life in general.
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2009 May 04 : OMG! Just @#$%ing shoot me already!!!

And now I'm sick... Really sick... And right when Kat is out of the state and my roomate decides to take a hike. I haven't eaten since Saturday and there's no way in HELL I'd get behind the wheel right now...
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