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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis!

Life with Multiple Sclerosis


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2008 November 14 : Eye Dr. Gone wrong...

Well, an eye doctor destroyed my new glasses. Now I have to find out if they will pay to fix it... (doubtful... but we'll see.) New contacts a touch stronger in the left eye... (and it was -3.25/-3.00, now -3.5/-3.0 to try to fix the shrinkage issue.) (update:) Well the glasses store had a 30 day guarantee and they fixed them no charge.. so I guess I got lucky there. I'll be sure I'm more careful next time I let anyone touch them.

Hearing problem still here.

Drama back home...
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2008 November 09 : Still no hearing... But seeing cool stuff!!!

Well, I went through a bottle of Musinex and a bottle of Penicillin trying to fix the ear problem. Nada... So I guess soon it's back to the Dr. for round 2...

My new perscription on my glasses are much much much better... but not perfect.

NEW Computer Monitor! BenQ gave me the opportunity to test one of the bran new E2400HD monitors for FREE!!! Talk about SWEEEEEEEET! Plus if I choose, I can keep it for a serious discount over MSRP (half). Not shabby what so ever.

Riding two-up with the wife... And more...
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