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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis!

Life with Multiple Sclerosis


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2008 May 28 : Chemo Decision?

Rituxan, Plasma, chemo... Ohh my!

And more on my daughter.

And more on the tow rig/car situations...
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2008 May 23 : Chemo or no Chemo... that is the question...

Well, the introduction session went well. Looks like there's three possibilities.

1) Actual Chemo which is an IV and a treatment every few days for a long time.

2) A similar non-chemo treatment.

3) Or a transfusion called Plasmaphersis which is a full transfusion 5 times over a week and a half. Downside is this one requires surgery to implant a pair of tubes in the artery next to the heart.

I was waiting for which one they were going to choose but so far have not heard anything.
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2008 May 19 : Do the Chemo Dance...

Chemo-appointment tomorrow... More calls from Ohio... Trying to get a tow-rig...
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2008 May 08 : Chemo-Therapy?

So. MS requires Chemo-Therapy?!? That's the next step for me it seems. They said Rebif.. then.. no... Solu-Medrol... no... Chemo... Ugg... Also more news on my daughter.
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