Well, it's been a long time...

My update:

The ulnar nerve problems seem to have disappeared. I can again type and use my left pinky and it feels mostly normal. Just slightly sensitive.

They eye problem remains.. I always feel dizzy and uneven. I've been to countless specialists and they all say they won't do anything. I still find this odd that I take my glasses off and feel just fine (accept it's all fuzzy). But with my glasses on, it's horrible. And God forbid that I do something without my glasses for a while and then put them on, makes me nearly toss my cookies.

Other than that, the wedding was a success. I keep thinking of people I didn't invite and I feel like a poo because I would have but was so busy I forgot. No excuse but still.

Daughter is doing well, got her some nice stuff for Christmas. And speaking of Christmas... (continue for my rant of the day...)