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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis!

Life with Multiple Sclerosis


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2007 April 19 : More Sh....

Today is my good friends James' and Raymond's Birthday and I forgot to call. I worked all day... Ugg...

My eyes are better, but not great. I think the right eye is still too strong. Although I can see great at night, things in my right eye are still too small and it seems too strong to me. I have a new appointment on Monday to get it checked again... God I hate this... I also have to see a rental specialist.
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2007 April 06 : More Dr. Stuff

Well, I finally got my Daughter's new phone number. That's better anyhow.

I also went to a special eye doctor. The nice part is, she takes medical insurance, not vision insurance so it was MUCH cheaper than expected. (thank god) My prescription went from -3.25 in both eyes to -4 in my left and -3.5 in my right. But my right eye still sees things smaller than my left. I'm guessing my real right eye is still -3.25 or even -3 in my right. Overall though the new glasses are a vast improvement. Still not perfect but better. And all I have to say about Solu-medrol is if you are suggested to take it; DON'T! Unless they are sure what ever you are suffering from is related to an inflammation, the side effects SUCK MONKEY @#$%!
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