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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis!

Life with Multiple Sclerosis


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2007 January 23 : Ouch!

The Ulnar nerve problems have been getting worse.. Now they aren't numb, but they really hurt. Well, they are still numb but also painful...

I am supposed to have a new Dr. soon so hopefully he can find something.. God I hope so....
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2007 January 01 : Happy New Year!

Well, not so happy... My left hand is STILL numb (Ulnar nerve), however the Dr. seems to think it's not directly MS related and I'm getting ready for more tests to see if it's just Ulnar entrapment. I'm crossing my fingers.

My eyes, were better but started going off again. Today they seem good though. Hope it was just a fluke.

I got a cronic case of the hickups which lasted from the 30th until this morning. Finally I searched all over hell and back for resolution and tried them all, as dumb as many of them are. Ironically, a teaspoon full of sugar is what did the trick. Remember that next time. Odd taste but it worked. No hickups since and they stopped immediately.

As for the rest of the new year, I ate way too much (back up to 255 from my 225 recient weight loss, still much better than my old 275-303 overweight range though). My new girl's family was fun at Christmas and we had fun with her church group for new years. So all-in-all, not bad.

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