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How to wire up DVC subs.

Too often people forget that how you wire a sub to an amp is so extremely important to the setup overall. Do it incorrectly and you can cause damage to the equipment or worse. DVC subs always seem to confuse people for some reason. But let's treat them as just two single coil subs instead. That seems to help people.

The most important thing about wiring subs to an amp is to make sure each path the power can take is equal. Each branch should have the same mirrored branch to go with it so to speak. Basically, you don't want power to have a lower resistance path to take or it will not be a balanced setup. Here's an example. You have four subs and want to wire them to an amp that has been determined to handle them. You can wire them all in series or all in parallel (assuming the amp can take it) or you can do a combination like wiring two of them together in series (two sets) and then each set together in parallel. That makes the overall path the current can flow in each possible direction equal and the subs will get a balanced division of the power.

So, to do that with DVC subs is simple. Remember each sub is essentially two subs so use them as the series pair. On a 4-ohm DVC sub, this will make each sub represent 8-ohms and then back at the amp, when the subs are wired together in parallel, they will return to 4-ohms.

Here is an electronic schema to give you a visual picture:

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